Do You Know You Could Be Taking Better Care of Yourself, But Aren't Sure Where to Start?

I am a licensed therapist and professional coach, and I have developed a simple and proven method for creating an effective self-care plan that is tailored to YOU.

In the 10 years that I have been working with high-level adults, I have seen first-hand how common it is for really gifted, high-functioning people to be spreading themselves too thin (OR under-performing), neglecting some of their fundamental human needs, and wondering why they aren't feeling fulfilled, enjoying their lives and their success. Burnout and complacency are both so common that we think they are 'normal'. They may be common, yes -- but common does not mean normal, or healthy, for that matter.

The solution to this common problem is learning the FUNDAMENTAL NEEDS that all humans share, and intentionally creating specific menus for each need category, so that we can take responsibility for getting our needs met in healthy ways that align to our core values. This is REAL SELF-CARE.

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